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Featured Internships - Learn About Internships From A Variety of Fields to Find the One Best For You

Featured internships include creative internships (such as Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, and Marvel), general corporation internships (such as Amazon, Google, and Yahoo), banking internships (such as JPMorgan Chase), and government internships (such as the FBI and CIA). These internships have been selected based on previous intern feedback as well as popularity among interns.

One of the most popular internships is the CIA Internship. Work directly for the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Here you will gain valuable experience and insight into the workings of the CIA and the government in general, and you may even earn a permanent position working at the CIA. Learn more information about this internship at our CIA Internship page by clicking here .


Another very popular internship is to work with the FBI. They offer both paid and volunteer internship opportunities, based on merit. The FBI's internship page states: FBI employees are responsible for protecting and defending the United States against terrorists and spies; upholding and enforcing the criminal laws of the United States; and providing leadership and criminal justice services to our international, federal, state, and local partners. If these missions appeal to you, then you should consider joining the FBI team.

For more information about an internship with the FBI, please visit our details page located here. You can also visit the FBI internship page directly by clicking here.

Another of the internships we are featuring is an internship to work for Google. A recent survey by Glassdoor rated the top 25 internships based on feedback from interns. Scott Dobroski, a Glassdoor expert, stated of Google's work atmosphere, "Google interns speak favorably of a laid-back atmosphere where they're able to collaborate with employees at all levels, opportunities to work on projects that will impact people worldwide, a generous compensation package, and perks like free food and ping pong breaks."

According to other articles found online, Google also offer nap rooms (although these may not be available to the interns) in order to help increase employee productivity. To go to Google's student internship page, please click here. Google offers internships in product management and technical development. The survey above rated Google's internship as number two on their list of top 25 internships.

Amazon is also on the list of top internships, and their internships career page can be found by clicking here. You can work with Amazon as an intern to create innovative solutions for their customers, and help to create new experiences for their shoppers.

Yahoo is also a great company to work for , although not on the top 20 list. Yahoo is always looking for interns that can bring new ideas and innovation for younger users of their site. Click here to find out more about working as an intern at Yahoo.

For students of finance and accounting, an internship at JPMorgan Chase would be a great way to learn more about the internal workings of the banking industry. You do not necessarily need to be a student of finace or business, as there are internships in a diverse array of areas of business. As a giant in the industry, Chase has a lot to offer for interns at their company. Check out their internship page by clicking here.

For those with a creative interest, there are several internships that are available to you. Generally a student of illustration or animation would do well at an internship with the Walt Disney company or Nickelodeon.

Disney offers internships in broadcast/ media, corporate internships, creative disciplines, entertainment, operations, technology, and sales. Click here for the internship page of Walt Disney, and mouse over the "Students and Recent Grads" tab to display these options and learn more.

Nickelodeon is another leader in children's entertainment, and as an intern at Nick, you will learn more about entertainment and animation, with hands on experience, than you can learn from any classroom. A diverse choice of disciplines for interns to apply to is available at Nickelodeon as well, and you can find out more about them by clicking here.

For illustration students who are interested in working in comic books, an internship opportunity at Marvel Comics might be exactly what you need to gain the real world experience crucial to becoming a successful comic book artist. Internships are available in editorial, digital design, creative services, branding, as well as business development and day to day office management. Click here to visit Marvel's internship page and explore the options available at this company.

If these types of internships do not interest you, check out our resources page where you will find more internships with a wider variety of companies.