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General information about the types of internships available to college and high school students, as well as those starting a new career.

First of all, what is an internship? For those new to the business of internships, this seems like a good question to start with. An internship is essentially a job that you take that is related to your chosen career, can occur in summer or winter, and can be paid or unpaid. In some cases, such as externships, you continue to pay tuition to your sponsoring school, usually a college.

Summer internships can be paid or unpaid, and undoubtedly the paid internships are in greater demand. You can also choose to study in the US or in another country. So, if you are a student of Broadway musicals in a small town in Georgia, for example, then naturally you would take an internship in New York City, since that is where the jobs are to write and perform in musicals and on Broadway. If you are an art student at a college in NYC, you may want to have an internship at the Disney studios in California, or at Nickelodeon studios, or at any of the great comic studios in New York. It simply depends on what you are looking to get from the internship, and what your career is going to be.

Internships during winter can similarly be paid or unpaid, but these internships will take over for your school time. In other words, you will be doing your internship during the time you would normally be in school. So for that semester, your internship will fill in for your school time. Take some time to explore the resources on this site, where you can find information about certain types of internships, along with featured internships that are very popular and might interest you. Automatic updates are coming soon to this site as well.