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Internship USA

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Internships: Real world experience Has No Substitute

Internships are a great choice for many students. Why? It's simple. No classroom, no matter how qualified the Professor, will ever substitute for real-world experience. The key to all internships is the experience value that they offer. Life experience can teach worlds more than just an education at even the most distinguished university. And when employers are hiring, they want people who can do the job in the real world, and tend to sneer at 'ivory tower-bred' prospects without any internship experience.

Now many people are clueless when it comes to internships, and don't have the first idea of where to go when looking for information about finding an internship that's right for them. Fortunately, unlike in the dark ages a few generations ago, we now have the internet. Even with Google, Yahoo, and hours to spare, searching for an Internship may be fruitless. In this case, it's not a lack of available info, but just the opposite: information glut!

That's why InternshipUSA.Org is here! We're excited to be involved! Our purpose is to make it easy for you to find a great internship that helps you grow, as you are placed in a real-world position that challenges you. On this web site, you will find valuable information, condensed down to its bare essence so you don't have to read forever. We know you're probably tired from work and study and so we've made finding an internship really easy. Please check our directory. We have links to every major web site offering Internships, as well as many pages on information about internships that you will find invaluable.

Thank you, InternshipUSA.Org Staff November, 2014


Featured Internships & Sites For Septmber, 2018:

New York Metro Area Internships


Here you will find the full range of internships, from paid to unpaid, from entry-level to the far more advanced. It's always best practice to shop around and explore your options; you may find an internship that was totally NOT what you had in mind initially, but really satisfies your resume's needs. After all, Internships are about being hired; this isn't for hobby or fun, this is for real.

Please visit the details page at http://internshipusa.com/internships/new-york-city/


With over one hundred categories of available Internships available right now in New York City, this web site is tops for available options. If there's an internship out there, it's probably listed on here. Or at least, there's a high likelihood of that being the case.

Please visit the details page at http://internshipusa.com/internships-in-nyc/

LMT Internship in New Jersey

And here's a novel internship. Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy offers an unpaid internship for Massage Therapists in New Jersey who have completed their schooling, 100 hours of clinic, and are already licensed by New Jersey, or have a national certification, but are awaiting state approval for your NJ license. You will come with the mobile massage staff to events, and get to participate and observe.

This internship is geared toward helping a LMT get hired by an on site massage company, in most cases as an independent contractor. Interns will learn about customer relations, billing clients, massage application and techniques, and provides real-life experience beyond the clinic. LMTs are in high demand, and the schools keep churning out graduates. Because of all this, the field is becoming increasingly competitive. Graduating from your Massage School with even an A average isn't enough anymore.

Please visit the details page at http://internshipusa.com/internships-in-nyc/

Check out Mountainside On Site Massage on the web for more details about the company: njmassage.info